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An elegant Go board and SGF editor for a more civilized age.

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Sabaki is a modern, elegant, cross-platform Go/Baduk/Weiqi board and SGF editor for a more civilized age. It’s free, open source and uses web technology based on Electron. You can see its code, contribute or report an issue at our GitHub repository

SGF editing tools

Sabaki offers a variety of board markup tools, including the SGF 4-compliant line and arrow tool. Annotate your positions and moves, set hotspots in your favorite games, write reviews in Markdown. Sabaki also supports SGF game containers, saving and reading multiple games within one file.

Intelligent scoring tool

Score your games using area or territory counting. You can also use the score estimator to see which player is ahead in mid-game. Toggle the life & death status of groups to refine the estimation.

Game tree

Easily navigate through variations and test-plays using the game tree. It’s fast and fluid, even when opening huge game trees such as Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary.

Fuzzy stone placement

When placing stones, the stones bump around organically, simulating the play on a real goban. It gives an imperfect feeling, truly Wabi-sabi!

GTP Engines

Play against your favorite game engine with the Go Text Protocol used by GNU Go, Pachi and other game engines. Or let two engines play each other.

Find move

Next time you don’t need to go through a game from the beginning when someone says, “Did you see the divine move at L11?” With Sabaki you can find the move instantly simply by activating find mode and clicking on the right spot on the goban.

Download Repository